Marie Dominique

Moses supposes...
Hello Marie Dominique, can you try to pronounce this by yourself ? (Short and long Eees)
Sinful Ceasar sipped his snifter
ceased his knees and sneezed
"Your" vowels
Ordering desserts
A: Did your meal meet with your approval?
B: Our meal was absolutely perfect!
A: How about a dessert to top off that wonderful meal?
B: Dessert sounds perfect, but I would like to split something with my friends.
A: On this evening's dessert list, we have chocolate mousse cake, and a spicy rum apple crisp.
B: I think that the apple crisp would be wonderful.
A: One dessert will serve two, so would you like to split a second one?
B: We would also like a piece of chocolate mousse cake. Could you bring us four dessert forks, please?
A: How about some coffee and tea with your dessert?
B: We are all tea drinkers. Please bring us four teas.
A: I will prepare your desserts and have someone bring you your drinks right away.
B: The hot drinks first would be great. Thanks!
With English rain in the background
Nasreddin's visitors
A poor man - where Nasreddin is a judge
The round table Knights - part 1
The round table Knights - part 2 - had to stop and restart 7 times ;) and still not perfect. 

I let you think on the third page by yourself. To help, listen to the recording. Cheers. 
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